Friday, February 4, 2011


"This is so much to absorb.  My head hurts from thinking so hard.  Do you know how much thinking you have to do in order to question?  Then you have to ask all the right questions.  Then you have to reach your own conclusion.  And then you have to take action.  It's HUGE!"

This quote is from my current reading "The Faith Club".  When I pulled this book from the library shelf I was drawn to it because of my curiosity.  How would these three women develop a friendship when they came from such different places religiously/politically?  In many areas it is difficult to seperate those two things.  We use religion to justify our politics and we use our politics to support our religion.

This quote is the exact expression of what goes on in my head and my heart.  I am continually surprised that almost any book I read (not counting many "just for fun" novels - although some of them can be surprising too), becomes a small part of my spiritual journey.  I certainly didn't expect that from this book.

If you have read my blog for a while you know that one of the recurring subjects is my sadness at the state of violence in our city, community, nation and world.  Here is a short, completely incomplete list of the peoples who have been violated because of religious/political hatred and sometimes war:

Native Americans                                                          Jews
Japan                                                                             Vietnamese
Palestinians                                                                    Armenians
Russians                                                                          Tibetans

Please add to this list in the comment section.  As I am writing this I feel I am making my own personal memorial to all those injured, killed, displaced.  My heart is again so full of the pain of others that it is flowing down my cheeks.  May I ask that you take a moment of silence to join your heart with mine to becoming more sensitive to these injustices.